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About Woods 79

About Indonesian Buying Agent
We are Indonesian Buying Agent assists your interests in conducting business activities in Indonesia, from providing valid information on all suppliers to negotiation, purchase and even delivery to your country. We can also act as your representative in Indonesia, to facilitate various purchasing process to get reliable sources and best quality. For those of you who need customized products, please feel free to contact us and provide specifications as well as designs needed, so we can inform manufacturers to produce according to your needs.

Our clients is a retailer, wholesale, restaurants, resort and hotel companies, and wedding organizer. As well as procurement companies requiring custom products and services and interior designers. We also providing order management, quality control, shipping and custom order fulfillment services. Based on our experience and wide networking supplier, we strive to provide the finest quality products at the market`s in lowest prices. Manage hundreds professional carpenter and artisans around Java and Bali, Woods79 proudly gave you guarantee that our price is in affordable price and high quality product. When you decided to do business with us, we are able to produce in big or small order quantity without different prices guaranteed. Competitive price directly from carpenter, professional QC, trusted supplier networking, weekly report order status progress and on time delivery is our service. We also accept the order in custom designs. Partnership for long term cooperation. Woods79 Sourcing Agent is the best sourcing place for your shopping assistance. We are your best buying partners.. 

We are also ready to provide shipping service through trusted transportation from the nearest port in Indonesia to the destination port.
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Sourcing Trip
We are ready to accompany and provide the best advice during your trip in Indonesia to find your own products according to your specifications.

We serve potential buyers from abroad to provide information, sourcing, selecting, negotiating, ordering, quality controlling, and shipping desired products.

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